TePe GOOD™ Regular Soft

TePe GOOD™ Regular Soft



TePe GOOD™ Regular Soft
Product information:

The GOOD Regular Soft toothbrush is a sustainable toothbrush made from bio-based plastic by TePe. This user-friendly toothbrush is developed in collaboration with dental experts for efficient and gentle plaque removal. The TePe GOOD toothbrushes are available in three sizes, Regular, Compact, and Mini. The tapered brush head improves access, and the end-rounded filaments ensure gentle cleaning. The neck of the TePe GOOD toothbrush can be angled without heating. The toothbrush should be used twice a day, morning and evening, together with toothpaste to maintain good oral hygiene. The TePe GOOD Regular Soft toothbrush is suitable for adults. The handle of the TePe GOOD toothbrush is made from sugar cane, where the final product is bio-based plastic. The filaments are made from bio-based polyamide, meaning that they are made from renewable resources, in this case, castor oil. By replacing the fossil raw material, TePe enables recirculation of CO2 emissions by 95% during the toothbrush’s life cycle, without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design.

  • Made from 96% bio-based plastic.
  • Tapered brush head for easy access.
  • End-rounded filaments for gentle and efficient cleaning.
  • Neck can be angled for easier reach.
  • Available in 6 different colours.


  • 1 piece
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