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Acrylic Teeth Acry Rock V (Anterior) 1box/18 strips

Acrylic teeth in polymethacrylate produced with two chromatic layers.

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Product Description:

Acrylic teeth in polymethacrylate produced with two chromatic layers.

The main characteristics are:

  • High aesthetical effect due to the two layers
  • Good chemical-physical resistance obtained by using the very best of raw materials
  • Large assortment of moulds and shades which make the tooth adaptable to any prosthesis requirement


  • Box (12)

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Weight 1 kg

Box (18)


A2-I13, A2-I18, A2-I37, A2-I38, A2-I40, A2-I41, A2-I42, A2-I46, A2-I51, A2-I52, A2-I53, A2-I60, A2-I61, A2-I63, A2-I64, A2-I65, A2-I66, A2-I67, A2-I68, A2-S13, A2-S14, A2-S15, A2-S17, A2-S18, A2-S25, A2-S26, A2-S32, A2-S33, A2-S37, A2-S38, A2-S39, A2-S40, A2-S41, A2-S42, A2-S47, A2-S48, A2-S51, A2-S52, A2-S53, A2-S54, A2-S55, A2-S56, A2-S60, A2-S61, A2-S62, A2-S63, A2-S64, A2-S65, A2-S66, A2-S67, A2-S68, A3.5-I18, A3-I13, A3-I18, A3-I37, A3-I38, A3-I40, A3-I41, A3-I42, A3-I46, A3-I51, A3-I52, A3-I53, A3-I60, A3-I61, A3-I63, A3-I64, A3-I65, A3-I66, A3-I67, A3-I68, A3-S13, A3-S14, A3-S15, A3-S17, A3-S18, A3-S25, A3-S26, A3-S32, A3-S33, A3-S37, A3-S38, A3-S39, A3-S40, A3-S41, A3-S42, A3-S47, A3-S48, A3-S51, A3-S52, A3-S53, A3-S54, A3-S55, A3-S56, A3-S60, A3-S61, A3-S62, A3-S63, A3-S64, A3-S65, A3-S66, A3-S67, A3-S68

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